NV Cards

NV Cards For Events Presented By TribeStar

What are NV Cards?

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NV Cards are discount benefits issued to anyone who attends Tribestar Events allowing them to pay less at the door or bar. it works similar to your Staples Reward, Rite Aid or Duane Reade cards. You simply present it at admissions or the bar and you will receive a discount. Depending on the event and the general cost of admission, the discounts will vary.

There are two types of NV Cards available:

  1.  Yellow cards which are free.
    • Discounts available on selected events including drinks and door.
    • NV-Card-YELLOW-(front)NV-Card-YELLOW-(back)
  2. Platinum cards which are $105.00 annually.
    • You will receive a greater discount at the bar and the door including free admissions to some events and your card will include your photo.
    • NV-Card-PLATINUM-(front)NV-Card-PLATINUM-(back)

In order to receive your Platinum or Yellow NV Card, please fill out the form on the right. You will get a return email on how the card will be delivered.  If you select Platinum NV Cards, please attach a photo. You will be billed through paypal at your email address.

We also have two additional NV Cards

  1. Green Cards Which are for the Tribestar Family, Inc. Djs.
  • NV-Card-GREEN-(front)NV-Card-GREEN-(back)

2.  Red Cards Which are for the founding fathers

  • NV-Card-RED-(front)NV-Card-RED-(back)

Please note that each function is different and your NV CARD discount is dependant upon the type of event and whether or not it’s a Tribestar event or a Tribestar endorsed event.

Some events may not accept NV CARDS at the door or bar. It will depend on who is sponsoring the event. All Tribestar sponsored events will accept NV CARDS.


  1. You have the option of having your NV Card mailed to you or picked up in person. If you choose to pick it up, we will email you with the next event Tribestar is having that you can pick it up.
  2. Limit one (1) NV Card per valid email address.
  3. Green and Red NV card aren’t available to the general public

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