D’Venyce Started streaming with Big Movie Star and Jay Dub using DSL from 1998 on the website JamaicaPromote.com. Big Movie Star started Jamaica Promote to highlight new artistes.  D’Venyce, Jay Dub and Big Movie Star learned that Streaming possibilities did not have to be limited to just artiste, but could be used for Sound Systems, Radio Stations and Individuals who wanted to talk to the world. Jamaicpromote.com was the stream behind a few Florida radio stations and Dancehallreggae.coms  Foundation corner with Drew HIM and MC after they left Down sound.

In 2004 D’Venyce moved his Saturday streaming show to Fridays and called it Hennessey Fridays. Around this Movie Star, Jay Dub and D’Venyce started playing around with video streaming. It would be a couple years before they were able to fully utilize video streaming because of the cost to stream video.